ACT & SAT Dates and Deadlines 2021

Upcoming ACT Dates, Deadlines, and Score Release DatesACT Test DateRegistration DeadlineScore Release DateFebruary 6, 2021Jan. 15thFeb. 16thApril 17, 2021Mar. 12thApr. 27thJune 12, 2021May 7thJune 22ndJuly 17, 2021June 18thJuly 27thSeptember 11, 2021Aug. 6thnot yet availableOctober 23, 2021Sept. 17thnot yet availableDecember 11, 2021Nov. 5thnot yet available Upcoming SAT Dates, Deadlines, and ...
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POWER SKILLS: To Empower Student Success

POWER SKILLS is powerful because it changes lives! This unique workshop provides students of all ages and abilities an opportunity to develop the personal and academic skills and strategies necessary to unfold and reach their full potential. POWER SKILLS targets: Academic Skills Leadership Training Conflict Resolution Team Building POWER SKILLS utilizes adventure-based learni...
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Pre-High School Entrance and Assessment Test Prep

METC Tutoring Studios
Students need to score higher on Pre-High School Standardized Tests and Entrance Exams because their performance levels often... Influence the number of remedial high school courses necessary for college prerequisites. Influence the placement in upper- and lower-level courses. Influence the level of challenges encountered throughout high school. Influence the peer groups with which s...
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