SAT & ACT Motivational Prep


Preparing for standardized tests is frustrating for students–especially those who struggle academically. METC Tutoring Studio offers in-depth test preparation services with qualified instructors who have administered the tests themselves.

1-SHOT Booster-Prep™
6 Hours of Instruction

  • All Content Review
  • Powerful Strategies Taught
  • SAT/ACT Application and Feedback
2-SHOT Mini-Prep™
12 Hours of Instruction

  • Practice SAT/ACT Test Administered
  • Test Anxiety Decreased
  • Positive Thinking Mastered
3-SHOT Mighty-Prep™
18 Hours of Instruction

  • Content Intense
  • Strategy Driven
  • Practice Focused
4-SHOT Top-Prep™
24 Hours of Instruction

  • Two SAT/ACT tests are analyzed and “dissected,” so that students know why “answer B is better than answer D.”
  • The Long Term Study of testing strategies and information is the best preparation for students who want the HIGHEST Scores!
  • Practice test with immediate feedback for increased confidence.
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