SAT & ACT Motivational Prep

Preparing for standardized tests is frustrating for students–especially
who struggle academically. METC Tutoring Studio offers in-depth
test preparation services
with qualified instructors who have administered
the tests themselves.

1-SHOT Booster-Prep™
6 Hours of Instruction

All Content Review
Powerful Strategies Taught
SAT/ACT Application and Feedback

2-SHOT Mini-Prep™
12 Hours of Instruction

Practice SAT/ACT Test Administered
Test Anxiety Decreased
Positive Thinking Mastered

3-SHOT Mighty-Prep™
18 Hours of Instruction

Content Intense
Strategy Driven
Practice Focused

4-SHOT Top-Prep™
24 Hours of Instruction

Two SAT/ACT tests are analyzed and “dissected,” so that students know why
“answer B
is better than answer D.”

The Long Term Study of testing strategies and information is the best preparation for students

who want the HIGHEST Scores! Practice test with immediate feedback for increased confidence.
Click here to see the latest SAT & ACT test dates!

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