Learning begins with motivation.

That belief forms the foundation of the educational philosophy and pedagogical practice at METC Tutoring Studio, a Yardley-headquartered business that provides tutoring services for all ages, from kindergarteners through adults.

“We pride ourselves on providing a motivational approach to learning,” says Steve Gana, METC’s director of advertising. “We start with the heart and the head before the brain. That motivates people to want to learn.”

 In practice, this approach centers on uncovering what each students’ interests are and then making connections between those things and learning.

“We tailor a lesson to whatever they are in to,” says Gana. “When you do that, it makes people want to learn because they’re focused on something they enjoy.”

METC, which stands for Motivational Educational Training Company, helps learners tackle a variety of educational challenges, including SAT/ACT prep and pre high school entrance and assessment test prep.

METC also offers a special “POWER SKILLS” program – a unique workshop that provides students of all ages and abilities an opportunity to develop the personal and academic skills and strategies necessary to reach their full potential. Indeed, the program keys in on everything from team building and conflict resolution, to leadership training and academic enhancement.

“We’re here to help every student,” says Gana.

Impressively, METC’s intentions aren’t just good; its execution is top notch – something evidenced by the fact that the business, which has a second location in Doylestown, has won “Best of Bucks” honors for five years in a row. Longevity also attests to METC’s excellent track record: The business has been around since 1972.

The success is, in large part, due to the crackerjack team of tutors METC has assembled.

“All of our tutors are certified,” says Gana. “They have the expertise needed to help our students achieve their best.”

That achievement is testified to in many ways, from pupils’ strong SAT scores to once-struggling students mastering material that hitherto gave them headaches.

Gana relates how some students come to METC over the summer to gain original credits for a class they failed during the school year. With the help of excellent tutors, students come to understand the material and subsequently pass the class – a feat that allows them to get credit for the class.

“The passing grade lets them go forward to their next grade level or even allows them to graduate on time,” says Gana.

Gana and the rest of the METC team enjoy helping to engineer such positive results.

“Our goal is to inspire students to want to learn so they can be successful,” Gana says.

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